In 1980, we established Sadatan Laboratories as our R & D lab to study, research and invent a scientific breakthrough in the contemporary science of healing the natural way. With a modern yet scientific approach we developed hair and skin care products from the traditional Ayurvedic recipes, manufacturing the same by the traditional methods as described in the Ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts.

Brands developed by us:

  1.     Puma
  2.     Iraya
  3.     Vedaya

Our products are widely used across the world in spas, natural healing centers and beauty therapy clinics. We are leading private label manufactures as well.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Central India that encompasses a modern cosmetic manufacturing unit, a Research & Development Laboratory and a Quality Control Laboratory.

All the plants, herbs and raw materials are procured from certified Organic farms and each batch is tested for purity by our technically qualified professionals.

Each hair care and skin care product that is manufactured at Vedaya follows the traditional Ayurvedic method of extraction of oils or extracts. We at Vedaya ensure that the efficacy of each ingredient is retained so as to benefit the user.