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Most of the people in their mid twenties choose their profession.I too chose designing but did not pursue it then as I needed to help my husband in his business.

Anyways,after thirty years my dream came true .I always had a knack of designing and I remember my friends always asked me to get Sarees or dresses for them whenever I go for my shopping in india or overseas.

I decided to start with few Kanjeevaram Sarees in July 2015 and TAMARA was born.Excitement of my customers kept me going on further with Banarasi Sarees from Banaras, Bandhanis from Bhuj, Patolas from Rajkot, Paithanis from Maharashtra and many other varieties from different states of India.

I did not look back and went into designing dresses for my young clients.

My experience in business had taught me to be friendly with my customers. It is very crucial and I see it working for me. I only give my soul and energy to designing.  I deliver what I promise. In these few months I have done many exhibitions and fashion shows which have given me many loyal customers too.