The Top 3 Summer Haircut Trends to Embrace 2019

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Most people find summers to be synonymous with haircuts. The major shift in temperature warrants at least this much transformation, don’t you think? where our cut, colour, or perhaps tired style is concerned.

And with rising temperatures being the only constant these days, there’s no better time to discuss the biggest summer haircut trends of the year.

Keep reading to check out 3 temptingly chop-worthy predictions of 2019.

The Textured Bob

Summers call for major length changes; chopping off longer hair strands to shoulder length, or maybe evena bit above the chin. The key features of such a hairstyle would be one-length hair with blunt ends and just endless texture. Your stylist for this hairstyle should have extensive experience in shorter hair; though, once you’re out of the salon, you will have to do your maintenance and styling.

The Irregular Bob

The classic bob is a rage every summer, especially during the hot Indian summers. But, why always go for the classic bob? Why not put a little twist on it and create a bit eccentric style? While this hairstyle should look like a standard bob to the clavicle, it should be less severe and sharp in comparison. The overall feel of this hairstyle is essentially loose and flowing; it should look as if the cut was done swiftly. It’s called irregular bob because it is some pieces of hair in the back, or sometimes in the front, left strategically longer than others – giving the whole thing a little bit of an attitude!

The Curly Shag With Bangs

This summer, embrace your natural curl and texture, enhancing it with colour, a little cutting, and some fabulous products. A lot of people used to be afraid of bangs, but it’s all in the past. Now, flaunting curls is about being bold and giving the perfect shag with lots of curl and texture, a good try!


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