The Many Shades of Red: Finding The Ideal Lipstick For You

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Red lipstick can never go out of style. It’s what you wear to get a classic, timeless look. But, finding your perfect red lipstick can be frustrating. After all, there’s no one shade of red that goes with every skin tone.

So, here’s a little guide to find the red lipstick that best suits your skin

Fair complexion

You should have a pink-based undertone. Pink-based or blue-based reds should be perfect for you. Shades, such as raspberry, should be able to pick up the pink tones in your complexion. And, they’ll surely make your smile pop!

Light complexion

With a yellow-based undertone, a slight orange-based red works the best. Such lipsticks should good at picking up the golden undertones and help brighten your complexion.

Medium complexion

With your complexion, it should be easy for you to both lose and gain a suntan. That means, your ideal shade of red would change with the season. So, for the upcoming summers, investing in a good orange-based red would be a good idea.

Olive skin tone

You have a yellow-green undertone, and it tans very easily. A rust-coloured or brick red would beautifully complement your bronze skin tone. It should effortlessly blend with your skin as the earth tones warm up your complexion.

Caramel complexion

Buy a true cherry red lipstick to compliment your yellow-based undertone. This bright shade will pick up the warmth in your skin tone and brighten up your million-dollar smile!

Deep complexion

When it comes to red lipsticks, you are the ones who can really play with pigment! An orange-based red for a bolder look, or Merlot for a more natural-looking red – your skin tone can handle both!


Red lipstick sure is the epitome of sophistication, elegance, and style. The only thing though – choose the right shade!

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