The Effectiveness of TCM for Cancer Treatment

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A lot of literature is doing rounds across the Internet, telling people how Traditional Chinese Medicine helps the body in getting rid of cancerous cells. While there is no fixed formula that cures all cancer, and also, not all Chinese herbs are good for the body, there have been instances which have proven the effectiveness of TCM.

It’s Also About Qi

Like we said, no one medicinal herb is the answer for all kinds of tumours; the other thing is, no two people are the same as well. So, even if two different individuals have tumour at the same location in their bodies, still the person showing a more robust defence mechanism – the person with a stronger qi will show a better response to the medicine. The other person, who might be finding it difficult to get treated, would indicate a low immunity of their body.

Not All Herbs Are Good

There are Chinese herbs out there, so poisonous, that it becomes mandatory to keep a check on their dosage, which typically is small and extremely accurate. An apt example is the mineral ‘arsenolite’, which if taken in very less amount, can cure leukaemia; while even a dosage between 0.1 – 0.2 g of this mineral can kill an individual. There’s a reason for an old saying in the theory of TCM – for any medicine, once you hit the disease, you have to stop.

Chinese scientists have researched the effect of TCM on cancer quite a bit now, and they have seen how the active ingredients available in a TCM medicine are only absorbed by the cancer cells. It is completely different from how chemotherapy works on the disease, that is by attempting to kill all the cell without aming much distinction between healthy and unhealthy cells. That is why, chemotherapy gives rise to a plethora of dangerous and powerful side effects.

Various Treatments

Herbal Wrap: A combination of herbal ingredients, its treatment method is based upon the yin as well asyang types of tumour. The type decides the energy channel that they belong to, or whichever body part of a person is affected. The treatment has a stronger effect if both external herbal wrap is applied, while internal intake is taken care of.

Qi Gong (Meditation): If a patient agrees to train every day with their doctor, and at multiple times too, then Qigong can prove to be very effective. The TCM doctor, though, needs to have a good knowledge of this method, so that they can help a patient, especially if they feel difficulty in concentrating or calming down.

Tui Na Massage: It’s a unique herbal formula which is used to massage the patient, that aids in alleviating much of the pain caused by this disease. It has a great therapeutic effect as well, but it generally hasn’t been seen to be an effective enough to eradicate cancer.

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