Our Guide to Wearing Lilac This Season

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Not long ago, lilac was associated with wallpapers, grandmother’s bedspread, and thanks to Hollywood, bridesmaids’ (the ones that the bride hated) dresses! It felt no less than an M. Night Shyamalan movie plot-twist when ultraviolet got crowned Pantone’s colour of 2018. Following that, the renewed fervour in lilac fashion was only inevitable.

From Victoria Beckham in lilac suits to Sally Hawkins’ sequinned Armani to Amal Clooney’s Versace Atelier dress – everyone’s re-discovering lilacs. Would you like to try the colour too?

Here are our 3 cents on how to wear lilac like a fashion pro…

Indulge a Fiery Contrast

If you want a bolder take on fashion, colour-block it against say, fiery red – an opposite shade on the wheel of colours. The next time you’re wearing a lilac dress, accessorize it with a thin red belt. Or, try a monochromatic ensemble only to pair it with a gorgeous pair of red shoes to add the right amount of contrast. These two uber contrasting hues won’t disappoint you!

Bring back the Whimsical

Do you have more of a whimsical, more feminine style? And do you mind being unabashedly quirky sometimes? If the answers are yes and no, in that order, then we have the perfect ensemble for your next garden party. A lilac evening dress in lace, complete with bows and ruffles, accessorized with a feathery clutch bag; feminine but awesome, right?

Find a Sharper Counterpart to Pair With

Lilac, we know, is a beautiful, soft hue. Depending on the silhouette of whoever wears it, one can end up looking a tad too sweet. Instead, if say, you’re wearing a printed sundress – a breezier lilac piece – pair it up with a maybe a black vest – a sharper counterpart, one that is clearly extremely-tailored. It’s a combination that will feel fresh and cool and light, but will also boast of an unexpected touch!

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