Moving into Your First Home? Here’s Your Essential List of Things to Have!

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Moving in into your very first house is such a joyful and exhilarating feeling, that the excitement of it all can make you forget about everything that makes a house, a home. Who would think of home decor or room decor, while the happy feeling of ‘getting your first home’ is only just washing over you!

And so, it’s understandable to not think beyond buying a couch, beds, a few sheets, toothbrushes (though most forget about these), a couple of soap bars, and some takeaway food. What a life it would be, had these been the sole items to not just survive, but thrive!

Since we’re not living in that world, we thought why not give you a quick tour of the important rooms and spaces in your new home, and acquaint you with things that you might have overlooked to buy.

The Quintessential Cook’s Corner – Your Kitchen

The most important things that you can stock your kitchen with, after stocking the pantry, is having every utensil that you know you’re going to use, and a place to store them. Get wooden tongs and spatulas, an oven mitt, a bottle opener, racks to keep your spices, to keep your utensils to dry off, and other drawer racks, strong cabinets, measuring cups and spoons etc.

Do not forget to ensure that your kitchen gets a good ventilation. You wouldn’t want all the odors and kitchen air to hang around, suffocating you while you cook. Or worse, have the air from kitchen waft towards the living room, long after meal time’s over, especially when you have guests come in. Kitchen is a place that presents most of the culinary catastrophes; so, why not be prepared to avoid them, right?

Living Room – Your Home’s Grand Entrance

Grand, yes. Maybe for the guests, sure. For the people living in the house, though, it’s the feeling of comfort that the living room should exude. Would you survive without table coasters, or a magnificent wall decor? Would it look any lesser a living room, if the TV doesn’t have its very own cabinet, or in case there are no table or floor lamps in there?

Maybe not less of a living room, but without soft sofa cushions with pretty cushion cover design to follow, it’d be less cosy a room; lesser on the creative and imaginative front. And it would be such a shame, for living room gives a person the maximum creative space to design the interiors as one wishes to! So, let your creativity flow ceaselessly when it comes to putting together your new living room.

Bedroom – Your Sanctuary Within Your Sanctuary

A bed and some sheets – you’ll need those of course; but those are by far means the only thing you’ll need. As far as personal sanctuaries go, spend on a cute little bedside lamp to read on those sleepless nights, hangers for your loved closet, and a full length mirror because, well how would one do without it! And just for that extra little touch, get your bedroom a beautiful hamper to keep your essentials.

A Bathroom Checklist to Wash away

Bathroom is literally the most important, and still the last thought-of space when you get into a new home. You might get yourselves the essentials, like shampoo, soap, conditioner, and so on. While these are the basic necessities, what about making the basic bathroom decor? You have to get a bath mat so as to not get the floor wet every time you take a shower. And the shower reminds of a shower curtain, and rings. What about getting bathroom linen?

Also, if you have a washing machine, you would need laundry baskets, iron & ironing board, after you get a laundry detergent and bleach.

Oh, and don’t forget to get bathroom chappals!

All That Remains Now, is…

After you have everything checked off of the list of most important things to have in a new house, you’ll have cleaning supplies to buy. To keep your home clean at all times, in all places, you’d need a toilet brush, a cleaning agent, rubber gloves, broom, mop, dustpan, a water bucket, a stove cleaner, and so on.

Next, do not forget to get some important tools and emergency kits, like a first aid kit, duct tape, flashlight, batteries, pair of scissors, Swiss Army knife, fire extinguisher, etc.

There are so many things to remember, that something always gets forgotten about in the process. So, if you do in fact overlook something, it’s easy to buy home decor products online than to make a list of forgotten items, go out again, buy stuff, and be more likely to forget something again. This way, you can sit back at home, relax, and shop forever!

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