Making the Most of Your Cute Little Closet!

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From handling your clothes to storing your accessories, closets have a big job to do. And when it comes to smaller spaces, it often gets unmanageable. Smaller closets are can be frustrating since they don’t provide enough room to keep all your items neat and tidy.

So then, what should you do?

You might find some answers here.

Having Vertical Hangers

When you have to deal with smaller spaces, it is always better to use them vertically, rather than going horizontal. Remember: changing directions will still have you left with the same amount of space. So, act wisely!

For using these vertical spaces you need to get some hangers that feature vertical rungs that come in shirt and pants varieties. You may also hang chains on your closet bar to hook your hangers onto each link.

Getting an Add-on Bar

When you have another bar added to your closet you can add some more clothes using the same space. While you might have a bar already you can use the other one for some added benefits, like putting the shirts on top and pants on bottom.

Installing another bar does not have to be expensive either. You can purchase a dowel rod and the tools to secure it at your hardware store, or simply buy a tension rod that has a spring to push the two ends outward.

While you do this you have to be careful that you don’t place heavy items on that rod as it might not be strong enough to handle the pressure from items like wool coats. You may need to stick to your sheer or other lighter fabrics instead.

Installing Shelves

Getting the shelves installed will make your closet look tidy and more organised. You will be able to keep most of the things distinguished from each other, rather than mixing them up.

All you need to do is, purchase some shelves from one of the stores nearby, drill wood blocks into the sides of the shelves, and then lay the shelf over the boards and drill them in. It is easier than it sounds and will make you love your closet more than ever.

Rack up your shoes

Most of us keep our shoes piled up on the floor of the closet which makes it look disorganised and dirty. A messy closet is always a crowded one and reduces the space that it actually has.
Getting a rack for your shoes will make your closet look cleaner as well as organised.

Add Hooks

Hooks can hold oddly shaped belongings of yours, such as purses or luggage. If you have a little space inside your closet you can put hooks over the doors inside or on the wall. This will hold your odd shaped items as well.

You can get some hooks from the market and drill them in your closet to get some perfectly designed holders for your stuff.

Use bins

Bins are the most useful! You can stuff them up to make the closet rather less messy, and even get it an organized look by placing all the bins one after the other systematically.

You can easily get an affordable bin from a local store or even make them at home cutting cardboards in various sizes – depending what you want your bin to look like.

We hope these short and sweet closet ideas will help you maximize your closet storage more effectively!

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