How To Look Good And Be Environment-Friendly At The Same Time?

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It’s important to look good. No question about it. But, it’s also important to care for the environment around us. And 2018 should be the year when we know more about what we wear, and how it affects our ecology.

And so, in the spirit of a fashionable and eco-friendly year that we’re embarking upon, here are a few simple and effective to help you out:

Skip Cotton This Summer!

Cotton is the most loved fabric for summer times, and there’s good reason for it. But it is also one of the most environmentally intensive naturally grown fibres. It needs a lot of fertilizers and pesticides to be grown; plus it needs a lot of water as well. One cotton t-shirt takes about 700 gallons of water to get made! That would round about to 40 showers you take. Wow! Isn’t that quite a figure! Instead, if you use linen or hemp, you would find them to be extremely sustainable. They don’t require fertilizers or pesticides, or even water in heavy amounts. This way, you’d be making summers easy on you, while being easy on the environment around you.

Look Beyond Cashmere, This Winter!

If you’re a fashionable person, winter is the season you would be most looking forward to! And probably cashmere would be your choice of fabric. But, the growing demand of this wool is making the environment more and more unsustainable. The cashmere we get, it is from the goats, which obviously feed on grass. But unlike your sheep, or even alpaca in some countries, goats pull the grass right out of their roots while grazing. The alpaca and sheep only eat the surface grass. The demand for cashmere is putting a pressure to breed more goats, which is resulting in the lands becoming more and more infertile. Therefore, if this winter, you would replace cashmere with a stylish piece of wool, or even get exported beautiful alpaca wool – it would help you look fashionable, as well as help you leave your environment a better place.

What Trumps Silk For evening Wear?

Nothing. Nothing trumps silk. It is by far, the most elegant and chic, while being durable and biodegradable fabric at the same time. Why choose polyester fibers, when you can have the absolute best? Especially, if you get yourself one of those 100% silk vintage pieces, there’ll be no prizes to guess who’d be the major head turner at the next party you attend!

Keep Recycling!

Because just when you think you can’t part ways with your favorite dress, or you can’t lose that amazing pair of trousers, the next fashion season would’ve already dawned. Anyway, what would you prefer? Donating clothes when they’re not in fashion, or because you’ve worn them enough number of times for a lifetime, but can still be used by someone else; or throwing them away in your garbage can when they’ve been utterly overused or torn off, and can’t be worn by anyone anymore? We are already trying to get rid of the wastage that we’ve already created till now. And recycling is one of the cornerstones of waste management. Then why not start with the easiest thing we can recycle – our clothes?

A perfectly sustainable is a myth. There’s no such thing. But, there are always fabrics and materials that can harm more or in more ways, than some others. It’s about making an informed choice for the latter. So, choose your materials with care; and always try to know what you wear!

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