Its not just about giving. its a chance to empower

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ammTake that chance bring a smile …. There are many NGO’s which are working very hard for a better society. Some of those NGO’s are also making handmade pieces of stuff and sell them to get funds for a cause. Apang Manav Mandal and Samvedana are the NGO’s which comes under this category.

Apang Manav Mandal(AMM) is providing education training and rehabilitation services since last 56 years. Many physically challenged persons have become independent and self-employed through the services of the organization. The main object of AMM is to provide education, training, treatment and employment to the physically challenged with a view to making them independent of which they have launched a special scheme “Earn While You Learn”.

Samvedana work for the integrated development of slums with a focus on education, nutrition and skill development of socially and economically deprived children, youth and women for the last 14 years. Apart from education initiatives, they have also been working for the malnourished children.

Its not been just about giving the space but we have made sure of foot falls and sales by advertising in newspapers, inviting people, coordinating with volunteers for the designs of products.

Our return has been their SMILES…. that keep us going year after year.
These two NGO’s are making beautiful scarfs and tassel stoles for selling them. We at are helping them for empowering. We also are conducting physical exhibition gallery every year without cost where they sell the stuff they make. How many times have we bought something for a cause? Let’s buy these scarfs from Beyond Gallery and help this two NGO’s in raising funds for a cause.

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