Everyday Household Items to Your Rescue!

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Got rodent problems? Dirty keyboard? Stinky shoes? Now you won’t need to run out of your house for solutions…

Most of the supplies available in house have a two-for-one use!
Here we bring to you a few commonly used home supplies to solve some of your most mundane problems:

Giving shine to your stainless steel items

You might have come across various uses of Olive Oil, right? Whether it’s to moisturize your skin or to recondition worn leather. But you might not know that it can also give a perfect shine to your stainless steel surfaces. While ammonia or other common cleaners might corrode stainless steel, olive oil polishes it effectively without degrading it.

All you need to do is start cleaning the stainless steel surface with water and dish soap, and then apply a little bit of olive oil using a soft cloth. You may use some elbow grease as well to get the oil into the grooves of the metal.

Keeping the mice away

While we as humans love the smell of Mint, like to have it in our chewing gums, mojitos and other food items, mice are allergic to this very item. You might have used a plenty ways to keep this rodent away from your home. But very few of you might be aware of this simple life hack.
You simply need to spread the smell of mint throughout your home. This provides a non-toxic and a very pleasant alternative to kill the rats. You may also place mint plants in your apartment or simply add peppermint to your household cleaner.

Cleaner toilets

Are you looking for a suitable bathroom cleaner? Does your toilet need washing but you can not find out a proper bathroom cleaner? Well then we guess your search is over. You might have used Antacids for an upset stomach while being unaware that this bubbling action also helps to have a cleaner toilet bowl.

Just drop two to three tablets of antacids into your toilet bowl, let it fizz for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then wipe off the bowl or simply use a toilet brush to clean it up.

Dust-free Keyboards

Everybody knows Sticky Notes are a good medium for jotting down small records such as phone numbers, memos or to-do lists; but it also has a unique feature to help clean your dusty computer keyboard.
When you’re sitting by your computer and find it a little dusty and wish to clean it, you just need to pull out a sticky note. Fold the sticky portion, and slide it in between the rows of your keys in the keyboard to catch any loose bits, dirt, or dust in there.

Malodor-less shoes

Most, or in fact none of us like the stinky, smelly shoes, now do we? But we still do have them. This is because we sweat all day, and since our sweat gets stuck in there, the shoes start smelling. You don’t need to worry about it anymore, though. We have the best and the most useful life hack for you which will give you clean and hygienic shoes in a way cheaper way than any ‘special’ and expensive odor-eater.

We have all known Dryer Sheets since long, but have you ever noticed the pleasant smell they carry? And so, your ordinary dryer sheets act as amazing odor eaters when used wisely. You simply have to place a few sheets in your shoes and let them sit overnight. This will help eat up all the moisture as well as eliminate that bad smell, leaving a lovely scent behind.

These simple and useful life hacks will change your life and make it simpler. All you need is to remember and use them when needed!

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