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aabhasaShilpa Choksi, the person behind House of Marigold is a proof for the old adage, ‘Age is just a number.’ While most people of her age would have shied away from getting into the limelight, Shilpa dared to create her own stage. What started as a childish fascination towards watches grew into such a huge passion that today, she is known as the only bespoke jewellery watch designer in India. With an artistic bent of mind kindled with enough fire to grow it into a full-fledged brand ; Shilpa went on to give the humdrum watches a new lease of life with her carefully crafted designs. At the age of 40, she stepped into this male-dominated industry to learn all the intricacies of watch-making and employed all that she learned into creating timeless pieces of art that ticked more than just time. Shilpa’s story is replete with inspiration and fresh ideas sprinkled with the zeal to transform wrist watches into a functional piece of art that also passed as not only jewellery but also an heirloom. She is credited, and rightly so for creating a brand and then sustaining and expanding it slowly. Today, she still designs the finest pieces that come from the House of Marigold.

Nothing defines the word ‘unique’ better than Marigold watches. These inimitable designer timepieces imitate nature, only to increase its magnificence manifold. As a dream child of Shilpa Choksi; Marigold Watches hold the distinction of being the only brand in India producing bespoke designer jewellery watches. Every watch carrying the Marigold brand name has its own peculiar story to tell that is just the perfect concoction of deep-rooted feelings and inspiration.

These mesmerizing possessions are a mélange of tradition and contemporary designs that can capture the fancies of all connoisseurs of art. The mere fact that these timepieces constitute the  finest precious stones, VVS and FGH colour diamonds, 18k gold and Swiss ETA movement are test­imony enough for the niche audience it serves.

The opulence of Marigold Watches was reason enough for Shilpa to launch another sister brand that was equally mesmerizing and yet, contemporary. The answer came in the  form of Aabhasa Watches with an unbelievable ensemble of shimmering ¬timepieces featuring Japanese quartz movement; Zirconium, Australian Rhinestones studded dial with Brass case, Mother of Pearl Dial, Fresh water pearls, band – Rhodium white/Rose-gold plating.

Aabhasa is the sense of a presence (God) through the majestic mountains, seducing night sky, mystic songs, harmony of a flock of birds and numerous such reflections. The watch brand is a tribute to this unseen presence only realized through the glint in one’s eyes, the confidence in one’s stride, and the charisma one exudes

They need no trumpets to declare their arrival. No one else’s approval for recognizing their own spark. They create their own moment of anticipation that something larger than life is going to arrive. That is Aabhasa – Effortlessly Bold.

Jaccaranda Jewellery – yet another extraordinary brand from House of Marigold redefines the accessories that women keep close to their heart. Jewellery has always been the second self of every woman; with the intricate details and the lavishness that they exude. House of Marigold creates jewellery that are inspired by the ever so graceful vintage trends; adding just the right mixture of class and sophistication into them. Contemporary yet traditional; the designs in this Jewellery collection spell candlelit glamour touched with a sprinkle of fondness towards everything that’s romantic.

“I’ve always believed that the watch is an integral part of any ensemble. As precious and rare as time itself, every timepiece is a reflect¬ion of the celebration of life. I feel and capture the moment; don’t let it tick away.”

– Shilpa Marigold

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