What is Dry Brushing and How Can it Help Your Skin?

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Brushing your hair, brushing your teeth – it’s all so common right? Who would’ve thought about brushing their skin now!

Well, it may sound a bit odd to some of you, but it’s really not that unknown a concept. It’s brushing your skin using a dry brush with natural bristles, right before you go into shower; and a simple thing like this could help your skin immensely!

Your Lymphatic System Will Thank You!

Our body has lymph vessels running all over, and many of them run right below our skin. And knowing how important the whole lymphatic system is to in turn have a healthy immune system, there is no way for us to not take it seriously enough. The easiest thing that you can do to have healthy lymph nodes and vessels, is by dry brushing your skin to further stimulate the flow of lymph within the body, as normally and effectively, as possible. And as the lymph flow in the body is taken care of, you will find that it helps in a natural detoxification of the body as well.

You Get an Exfoliated Skin!

Who doesn’t want a softer, a smoother skin? We all do; and so, we spend a lot of money at expensive salons to get a better looking skin, don’t we? Instead, you can exfoliate your skin, sitting back comfortably on your couch, right at your home. Take a dry brush, and run it along your skin to loosen it up a little, and get rid of any dead skin present. Do this regularly for a few weeks, and you will notice a marked change in the way your skin feels under your fingertips. It will be softer and will feel much more supple than before!

You Get Cleaner Pores!

With exfoliation, comes the removal of oil and dirt from the pores; and you can do exactly that using a bit smaller, a bit more gentle dry brush – especially as your face is concerned. Give it some time, do it regularly, and a few weeks in you’ll see that the pores on your face are hard to see! The pores would have lost all seemingly disappeared, only because of dry brushing.

How Do You Select The Right Dry Brush?

First of all, look at the bristles of the brush They should be natural and firm; otherwise, the dry brushing won’t help. Next, the handle of the brush should such that allows you to reach your back, and also be able to easily brush the bottoms of your feet. In the beginning, your skin might find firmer bristles a little too hard and rough; so, fgo for the softer bristle brushes. As you get used, you can later opt for a bit firmer brushes.

What’s the right way to dry brush?

By first choosing the right brush for yourself, and then starting right from the bottom of the feet, up the legs, and then moving towards the arms and chest area, with finally dry brushing your face. We want the skin to feel relaxed, and the aid the lymph flow in the process as well. So, with a firmer brush in hand, put in the right amount of pressure while doing this, while keeping your strokes smooth.

After you have dry brushed, take a shower, and afterwards apply a good moisturizing lotion all over.

Also, every few weeks, wash your brush; and replace the brush altogether every 6 to 7 months.

Here’s the thing, though…

Dry brushing is more of a personal choice, not at all an official medical treatment. There have been people who swear by dry brushing taking care of their cellulite problem; but then you will also find quite a many dermatologists who say that cellulite, majorly, is genetic, therefore not really having any cure. Of course, there are doctor who are happy with the results of dry brushing as well.

The point is, whether or not dry brushing works for one, is debatable, and the answer probably differs person to person. Does it suit you? Will it help you get a more supple, smooth, exfoliated, and maybe even a cellulite-free skin? We’d say, do what’s the best for you. But, what is really best for you? Only you can answer that question.

Find the answer for yourself by trying it. You know, as well as we do, it won’t hurt to try it out for some amount of time, right!

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