Count Candies, Not Calories, This Christmas!

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Christmas is just around the corner! And we couldn’t be happier! Yayy!

And we all know what this beautiful festive season is all about!

You know what we’re talking about, right?

It’s food, of course! The chicken, the chocolate; the potatoes, the pies. Woah! But, did we just have you think of calories all this while? Are you agonizing over the fact that your waistbands might suffer? Because if you are, stop that right now. Who cares! Christmas calories don’t count. Wasn’t that a scientist who said that? Was it? We don’t know. But, we know food. And we know Christmas food is special. It comes once a year, and you deserve to enjoy it with all your heart, and of course gut.

Here are our top three picks of food (read: reasons) to not think of calories even once this festive season:

Spoonfuls? A ladle? A cup? Nope. Tubs. Tubs of Chocolate!

Woah! If Santa could bring just one thing, it would have to be chocolates. Christmas sees such an overflow of chocolates in every household, that if you could just melt it all – we’d finally have the real version of choco lava amongst us. I’m just going to have one little toffee. Ooh! Is that the new chocolate they introduced this season? Are we going to gift all these chocolate boxes? Why do we never treat ourselves? Well, treat yourselves with chocolate rivers this Christmas. Get yourselves those fancy imported chocolates, crack open your favourite candies – because you’ve got about a year ahead to go on a fancy diet and crack some bones in the gym!

Taking the mini food train!

It’s a train all right! And of course it’s made of food! And yes, the food is mini. Consider all the mini quiches, mini sausage rolls, and mini mozzarella sticks you’re going to have this Christmas! But the thing is, all these mini bogies of food train that you’re going to gobble up this season – they’re so much worth the calories! So don’t you think of calories while enjoying one of those mini cheesecakes, all right?

God’s own food – Potatoes!

Well, aren’t many of the Indian states, or even a lot of countries that consider potatoes as their staple diet? And if Christmas is all about embracing our very traditions, let’s start by devouring the food of our very roots. Especially the roasted potatoes, a Christmas staple as they are – all crispy on the outside with surprising fluffiness on the inside… Mmmm… We can say no further, or we might want to get one right now!

It would be a sin to count calories while eating such grand and delicious food! And Christmas is no time to commit a sin. Sinful eating, on the other hand – well, we think God would actually appreciate it!

And so, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Joyful Eating!

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