Bring Out the Tribe in You with Kutch Embroidery

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kutchblogEverything Tribal is a hot trend right now whether it is jewelry, dresses or accessories. Kutch Embroidery is one among those styles which bring out the tribe in a modern woman through its vibrant colors and designs. The Kutch Embroidery is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District in Gujarat, India. Kutch embroidery has been there for centuries and is influenced by various architectural designs and motifs.

It is mainly done in colors such as Green, Ivory, Indigo, Black, Deep red, Yellow and off White. This embroidery is also influenced by romantic motifs as well as patterns of human figurines in dancing poses and dancing peacocks too. A lot of motifs are also inspired by Persian and Mughal arts that are inspired by animals. Delicate beadwork is also incorporated with great finesse. The work is done on fabrics such as Cotton and Silk.

Kutch embroidery has never lost its sheen and this colorful craft has considerably gained popularity over the years. There is a constant flow of new designs and innovations in Kutch embroideries such as waistcoats, purses, bags, sandals, skirts, scarves and belts. Home furnishings are also available in Kutch embroidery. Kutch embroidery has a worldwide appeal and is being incorporated into modern wear. Various fashion designers create Kutch inspired clothing to display on a global platform.

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