A bag full of happiness

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blogI am a Financial Planner by profession, after working for 3 years in the field of finance I  had to quit my job due to some unforeseen circumstances. After a break of almost a year I was planning to start working as a financial planner again but due to some health issue I could not do it. It was during that time, I realized that I wanted to do something creative and work towards something which would give me flexibility of time and also would allow me to work from home. I always had a fetish for bags , but after spending a lot of money on bags I always used to get upset when the material of the bag would start peeling off (this was the case when i bought bags from well known brands from India). Also the main thing that the bags were missing was a touch or hint of Indian Traditional work. Most of the bags that were available in the market were either too traditional or too westernized.

so I started researching on Indian fabrics and work which could be used to make bags. It gave birth to Anouk, which means grace a name most apt for the new line of bags I was planning to sell in the market. I carefully handpick fabrics from all over India and craft these bags which are the unique blend of unique and traditional. I also have tied up with few artisans who does thread work for the bags. All the bags at Anouk are an interesting infusion of bold colors and a they also have a hint of bohemian touch, which help them to stand out in crowd.

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