5 Tips to Get The Maximum Out of a Manicure

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Getting nails done is one of the most relaxing, almost therapeutic things. And what’s more – your hands look pretty after 45 minutes of pampering! And don’t we all want the prettiness to last forever!

But, how? How do we make the idea of a long-lasting manicure possible?

We have 5 easy tips here to help you keep your manicure in top shape for an extended period of time…

  1. Never go without a base and a top coat: A base coat allows the nail to grasp on to the polish. It also protects the nail from a darker polish leaving any stains. A top coat is absolutely necessary if you want your nail polish to set properly. It also provides your nails with UVA/UVB protection, along with giving them a beautiful shine.
  2. Take care of your cuticles: Cuticle oil with nutrients like vitamin E and aloe vera should help in resisting breakage and promote nourished nails.
  3. Avoid Water on Freshly-done Nails: Right after having a manicure, don’t go on immediately washing your hands. It can loosen your polish. Let the lacquer completely harden, which can take up to 12 hours too.
  4. File your nails between manicures: It allows the nails to also remain healthy. Also, make sure to always file in one direction so that your nails don’t feather. This will make nail polish look better and last longer.
  5. Always moisturize: The more moisturized your skin is, the longer will your manicure last.

A manicure can only make healthy nails look more beautiful. It can’t be a replacement for nutrients. So, don’t forget to take vitamins and supplements, such as for B-12, iron, and zinc, in-between your manicures.

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