4 Tips To Help You Buy Waterproof Makeup This Summer

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It’s officially summer, and the Sun is out there mocking our skin and make-up regimen! No-smudge mascara, stay-put foundation – the market is in no dearth of products! But, don’t grab one too fast; not before you know whether the makeup will last through the sweat and oil, and contain ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Here’s what we recommend you look for before buying a waterproof makeup product:

Try out water-resistant before you go for waterproof

When you go out buying makeup for the hot season, do not go straight for a product with a waterproof label. The ingredients present in waterproof products are generally thicker; whereas, you would find most of the water-resistant products to get the exact same results, without carrying the extra weight.

Maybe if you’re going for a swim, or it’s your wedding and you know it’s going to get emotional and teary, would you need waterproof makeup. But, if it’s something as mundane as sweating that you’re concerned about, a water-resistant product should work just as fine. We agree that waterproof makeup lasts longer; but, water-resistant makeup uses sealants that are not as thick and go really gentle on the skin. In other words, water-resistant makeup products let your skin breathe.

Try not to wear waterproof every day

Waterproof mascaras, for example, do not have ingredients such as seed oil, argan oil, meadowfoam, and so on that act as conditioning agents. They might work great if you’re out for a swim, maybe – but, using it every day would be like raincoat every day, and that too with side effects.

Go for a waterproof spray

If you already know that the heavy ingredients you find in almost all waterproof products, such as foundation these days – ingredients that can have a negative effect on your skin – opt for a spray instead. Put on your makeup like you always do, and just use a waterproof spray to seal it.

So, you can easily wear your favourite foundation, with a rub-resistant and sweat-proof barrier created by the spray on the top of it.

Keep away from products that use silicones

Waterproof makeup, unlike others, has special ingredients which help the product block out water. These ingredients could be vegetable-based or animal-driven in nature – they could be solvents, waxes, or polymers. While most companies, especially big beauty brands have come a long way in staying away from elements that could hurt the skin, there are some that still don’t feel responsible enough.

But, it being your skin, you can’t shake off the responsibility. So, stay away from waterproof makeup products, especially loose powders and foundations that could contain silicone as a major ingredient to keep the liquid makeup from melting. Small amounts are still acceptable, but products that use silicone as a primary ingredient should be completely discarded.

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