3 Pet-Friendly Fabrics That Your Home Will Thank You For!

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Pets are adorable, no doubt. But the scratch marks they leave on the furniture and fabric, especially till they are at least a year old, are not. Neither is the fur and hair they shed, cleaning which amounts to a lot of work.

But you don’t have to worry about a thing! We are going to tell you about 3 wonder fabrics that will not let the scratches and fur come between you and your pet!

An Always Classy Leather
This one would scratch easily, you’d say. And you’d be right. So then, why do we have it as our numero uno choice here? Because, it’s leather, guys! After a while, a patina that develops over the surface, gives the leather a somewhat classic and vintage look. And most people love that about leather. The other good thing about this fabric is the fact that fur or hair won’t ever stick to it – which means a simple vacuum is all it would need.

Dreamy Microfiber
Your pets like to sleep on your couch? They won’t get off of your furniture? Get the fabric on them made from Microfibre! It’s and absolute godsend when it comes to pet-friendly fibres. You can easily clean it for pet hair, using just a lint brush or even simply your hands. This one doesn’t scratch easily. Moreover, you can move the stains right off of it using just a mild soap and cold water.

Rugged Denim
Don’t we just love every pair of denim jeans that we own! Aren’t they just the right kind of rugged? The same goes for denim on your couch and furniture. They give a sort of relaxed and casual look to the space, and their durability makes them extremely pet friendly. The only disadvantage is, if you have a fancy living room, the denim might not exactly fit in into the room decor. But otherwise, this easy-to-clean fabric can be easily vacuumed and made stain-free using a paste made from baking soda, or just plain old mild soap and water.

Want to know the general thumb rule to follow, though? A house with a pet should usually have fabrics with dark colors and textures. It helps the dirt camouflage a long time before it can catch the eye of a house guest! You should also choose the more tightly woven fabrics, because they are easy to clean.

You want to be thinking of toys and other happy things while running and jumping around with your pet, not about how to clean the fur, or how to remove the scratch marks afterwards! So, choose your home decor items, including the fabric and furniture carefully; for you don’t want to put a damper on all the fun you have with your pet.

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