3 Ideas For You To Decide Your Christmas Style This Year

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Every year, we know we have won the battle against end-of-year exhaustion when it’s Christmas. There’s a sea of festive cakes and fun social events to look forward to! What else does one need!

The only struggle that remains is – what to wear to the party?

We might have some ideas here…

Flaunt Metallics

Instead of the classic – bright red or green – why not go for one of the less obvious colours, but in metallic shades, this year? After all, Christmas is often associated with shiny baubles and sparkling lights, isn’t it! You’ll look the very definition of perfection in a short applique dress in metallic blue, or an evening gown in dazzling metallic green, or a silver pencil skirt.

Dazzle in Sequin

Sequined gowns and dresses are in a league of their own. They might seem like a fierce choice any other time of the year, but when it’s Christmas, they make quite a natural pick. You could go for a sequined bustier on a palazzo or a silver sequins blazer pant set, this year. The latter will look more so great if worn to an office Christmas party. As for the colour, gold and silver are classics. Soft colours, like lilac or peach, should look stunning too. Because sequins bring their own razzle-dazzle with them, you won’t need a statement necklace or earrings to bring out the chic in you. Keep your accessories simple, especially if your dress gives you a higher, sparkly neckline

Be Brave with Accessories

Here’s a cheat sheet with three tried and tested accessory combinations:

  • For a dress or top with a modest neckline, go for a long simple necklace, a statement cocktail ring, and a sequined clutch.
  • If your top or dress has a deep neckline, pick a wide statement necklace and a long chain, while carrying one of those cute mini bags.
  • Christmas also likes everything vintage-y. If you appreciate good vintage jewellery, let an oversized brooch take the centre stage, with a matching set of vintage earrings, bracelet, and a necklace shine into the evening.

You can wear the same dress you’ve worn before and still make it look completely different if you well-choose your accessories.

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