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  • The Perfect Outfit Formula For Your Weekends

    Weekends are simply perfect. You get to relax just the way you like, you get to do whatever it is that you want to do, you can spend time with your family or friends or stay alone and read a book - it’s your wish! And weekends are also perfect...
  • Leather Jackets: What Makes Them a Fall Fashion Staple?

    If you ask us about a fashion staple this fall, we’d say it has to be a leather jacket. Without coming off as being too presumptuous a piece of clothing, or looking completely out of place, a leather jacket instead is always just the right amount of chic and looks...
  • Your 9-point Road to a Winter-Proof Makeup

    Winters can make the joy of applying makeup seem like agony - what with its dry air, windburn, patchy skin, and so on. But, no need to despair! We have here 9 easy and awesome tips to help you treat yourself with a winter-proof makeup this season. Always...
  • A Regal Journey Through Centuries: Meenakari Jewelry

    Meenakari jewelry finds its niche and influence in the Indian bridal jewelry market today. It successfully brings forth a tradition that has been around since a long time, and looks divinely exquisite. That’s just about everything that a bride is looking or, on one of the most special days of...
  • Are You Ready to Jewel Up This Winter?

    Winter is season with such a fairytale charm to it. It’s almost too hard to not take that tiara out of the closet and wear it every single day of this season! It’s the time of the year that effortlessly promotes everything that’s beautiful, elegant, and just downright glamorous. To...

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