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  • 3 Refreshing Ideas to Put on a Minimal Makeup Look This Summer

    Summers in India are either too hot, or they’re too hot and humid. There’s just absolutely no escape! With Sun being a constant companion, we understand how difficult it is to carry makeup. And the last thing you need is a melting eyeliner, or a clay foundation! While no...
  • 5 Practical Tips to Take Care of Cotton Sarees

    Cotton sarees are a classic choice of garment for ladies all over the country. Be it our grandma, or a celebrity, a cotton saree always manages to win the popularity contest. While you don’t need to be a certain age, or have a certain body type in order to...
  • 3 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Jeans

    Have you had the same old pairs of jeans since like, forever? And are you thinking of interesting and unique ways to retire them? Because if you are, we might just be able to help you! Turn them into denim shorts! You want to start with the...
  • 4 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Effectively!

    One of the most common problems that women face after their pregnancies is, stretch marks. Not just them, but men and women both get these, say after a sudden weight loss or so. Most people do for an allopathic treatment, which can have side effects on the skin and body...
  • Why is Adding Vitamin C to Daily Diet So Important?

    While the concept of fitness and health is gaining a lot of mileage amongst the youth of today, it is the concepts of exercise, drinking water, eating a calorie-specific diet, taking in more protein and lesser carbs, and so on that people seem to worry about at all. The need...

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