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Bespoke Jewellery

Sweta Parikh , a fashion & lifestyle accessories designer, started her design career in 2008 after graduating from National Institue of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

2007-2008 added fuel to her passion as she won the prestigious Retail Jeweller Award 2007 for Student Jewellery Designer of the Year and runner up award for MarcasitEment by Signity, 2008.
After working with prominent names in the Indian Jewellery Industry like Farah Khan Ali, Mumbai , Amrapali, Jaipur and honing her skills by working for export houses like Crew B.O.S Products Pvt Ltd, she started her eponymous label in 2011.

Sweta’s vision for her label is to create jewellery that is luxurious and yet wearbale. She likes to retain a little craftsmanship in her pieces while trying to make them contemporary at the same time. She is constantly striving to transform new ideas and concepts into beautiful jewellery. She believes “ My jewellery is for anyone who wants a break from the surfing the surface of culture to contemplate the deeper things of life! “

Apart from her silver jewelry line, she also does bespoke fine jewelry and works in the handicraft sector on government projects.