Baanshi - Traditional Indian Sarees

Baanshi – A Tale of the Weavers’ loom

From the warp and woof of Phulia and Habibpur to the exotic kantha stitches of Bolpur, from the traditional to the trending, from the ethnic to the chic, from the ageless elegance to the vibrant en vogue -- Baanshi -- The Boutique has everything under one roof.

Every item at Baanshi -- be it a saree or a sujni knatha -- has a tale to tell. It is a veritable treasure trove for women of all ages. There is something for everyone -- the young adult, the adult and the elderly. And the things you find here are all exclusive: they just do not exist in the outside world.

These priceless wonders come with affordable price tags. Baanshi owner Aditi Sircar's way of branding is to reap profit from the satisfaction of customers. A documentary film-maker and an expert on Bauls of Bengal, Aditi floated Baanshi -- her daughter's namesake -- just a year ago, and already the boutique has grown into an addiction for many. Anyone who steps over the threshold of Baanshi once, is bound to return again and again. The place is pure magic and you may lose yourself in it, just like Alice in Wonderland. But you will emerge from it a happier woman.