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Fashion always lies beyond what meets the eye.

It was the year 2007. We took our first step as a brick and mortar concept in Ahmedabad, where the concept of fashion itself was undergoing a revival and renewal. Style was an evolving statement. There were designers and artists finding a voice of their own, in the clothes they were designing, in the accessories they were creating. The need was for a platform that could showcase this beautiful, to say the least, and exceptionally unique work; the need was for the people to know about this growing creative vibe in the city.

Beyond Gallery came up with the idea to have a designer clothing gallery that would provide a premium display space for the fashion designers, jewellery artists, and all such vendors to be in the spotlight.

As our nurturing of the artists and providing them with the visibility they long deserved was enthusiastically welcomed, we thought about putting a global spin on the same concept. Hence began a second life for Beyond Gallery. Only this time, it was in the form of an online shopping portal with a wider range of designers being a part of it, while getting the opportunity to cater to an audience far bigger in number.

We believe, we're in the business of discovering newer brands of fashion and newer breed of fashion designers; because we know that it is the new, unique, and fresh that today's new block of fashionistas is always on the lookout for!

Our online portal extends this same concept to a virtual level as an online shopping site. As the online fashion gallery, we provide global visibility to your Women’s clothing and accessories, be they Indian Wear or Western Wear because it’s time for the world to see your creativity. Getting your work discovered by the world is just another day in the office for us.

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