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The Many Shades of Red: Finding The Ideal Lipstick For You

Red lipstick can never go out of style. It’s what you wear to get a classic, timeless look. But, finding your perfect red lipstick can be frustrating. After all, there’s no one shade of red that goes with every skin ...

5 Tips to Get The Maximum Out of a Manicure

Getting nails done is one of the most relaxing, almost therapeutic things. And what’s more – your hands look pretty after 45 minutes of pampering! And don’t we all want the prettiness to last forever ...

3 Ideas For You To Decide Your Christmas Style This Year

Every year, we know we have won the battle against end-of-year exhaustion when it’s Christmas. There’s a sea of festive cakes and fun social events to look forward to! What else does one need! The only struggle ...

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